DuraToys has space for snacks and thus promotes

interactivity and curiosity for the dog


For many years experts in animal behavior have been studying and doing all the tests possible to understand what best suits our pets.

Sponsored by large companies, these studies aim to improve the line of products that are offered for sale to play, feed and rest.


Shapes and colors are fundamental. According to studies, red is one of the colors that most attracts dogs, as they are kept more entertained with

toys and other accessories with this coloring. All of this has to do with the instincts they have in their DNA for thousands of years. 


DuraToys Breeds Kit has space for snacks and thus promotes interactivity and curiosity for the dog.

For Puppy Chew, Moderate Chew and Power Chew.




Our products are manufactured from alternative compounds

of recycled origin in polypropylene, with strict controls of its properties.


Being regularly monitored in the laboratory, where its specifications are analyzed.


That way, the result is a reliable raw material, within the pre-established norms,

representing a great differential of social-environmental responsibility.


We are part of a continuous cycle, which enables the sustainable consumption of plastic.

By reusing the discarded material after consumption, we contribute to the reduction of environmental

impacts, avoiding disposal in landfills, contamination of rivers, among other damages.


In this cycle, the plastic discarded in one house returns to another through a different product.


When using the recycled raw material, you also becomes part of this cycle,

reducing costs and processes, showing itself in line with the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS).




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