We were born great, not only in structure, but great in dreams and great in accomplishing what many left behind.


With five years' experience and know-how in the dog and cat accessories sector, Durapets invests in quality, elegance

and durability of its products to meet a differentiated public and, for this, counts on the sales team to win its space in

the market.



Durapet's Green was born from a dream in 2011 to build a pet accessories company in Brazil, that not only brought novel

products, but also distinguished solutions to the pet market. We care about the quality and finish of all our products,

always seeking to provide comfort and the best solution for your pet.



With visionary and innovative projects, we try to create trends with the aim of influencing and becoming a reference

in the Global market.



We have a team of qualified professionals in all areas; such as creation, production, administration, logistics,

sales and marketing to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way.



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